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DEAF LINK UPDATE: October 30, 2013
Deaf Link's AHAS (Accessible Hazard Alert System) was featured on WFAA.

"The city (of Ft. Worth) rolled out the program known as the Accessible Hazard Alert System (AHAS) in February in partnership with Deaf Link, which is based in San Antonio.  It provides the notification service to hearing and visually impaired residents messages before, during and after an emergency or a disaster." said reporter Monika Diaz. Watch the video

Ft. Worth residents can receive the alerts by registering at
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Greetings from our CEO

Hello, I'm Kay Chiodo CEO of Deaf Link. Thank you for visiting our website. Here you'll be able to find current information about the Americans with Disabilities Act and see examples of the different services and communication access solutions developed by Deaf Link.

Our goal is always the same; to provide the highest standard of inclusion for persons who are Deaf, Blind, Hard-of Hearing and Deaf-Blind. 

Again, thank you for visiting our website and God Bless.  


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