Accessible Communications Solutions for Government and Private Sector Organizations Across the United States


Deaf Link is headquartered in San Antonio, TX and began operations in 2003.  Deaf Link serves government and private sector organizations who interface directly with the public to provide services and information. Deaf Link’s overriding mission is to address the critical communications needs of persons with sensory disabilities and ensure their inclusion into the emergency information process at all levels of government. Deaf Link’s team includes advanced certified interpreters, a uniquely trained accessible video production staff, sensory disabled staff members to ensure we’re meeting the communities needs and an experienced executive team with disaster communication experience going back to Hurricane Katrina and Rita.

Our Services


Accessible Hazard Alert System
Deaf Link AHAS™ provides Emergency Mangers with the capability to send accessible emergency information to persons who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind. Deaf/Blind or literacy challenged before, during and after a disaster.
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Accessible Video Production
Deaf Link’s Accessible Video Production (AVP) service is an effective solution for making important information such as Emergency Preparedness, Health, Medical, documents, policies, and other content accessible in Video-based American Sign Language (ASL), English/Spanish Voice, and Text.
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Video Remote Interpreting
Deaf Link VRI, provides on demand, real-time interpreting for people who are Deaf and rely on American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate.
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Shelter Link
Since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Shelter Link has supported sheltering communities and mass care agencies with internet-based interpreting services.
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